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To the Green Movements Opponents!

For years I have been observing how some Iranians dismisses all internal opposition towards the Iranian regime as fake or ‘conspiracy’. They claim that any dissident that once been part of the establishment or supported the revolution can’t be considered as ‘real opposition’. I can’t estimate how many these people are but they are a minority, although a minority that indirectly is advocating the regimes objectives.

Most of these people are actually exile Iranians, who claim that only they are real opposition and anyone with former past within the Islamic Republic are just pursuing a suspicious agenda. Similar to the Iranian regime who claims that any internal opposition is working with foreign states.

Over the years claims was directed towards people like: Akbar Ganji, Heshmat Tabarzadi, Mohsen Sazegara, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Ayatollah Montazeri, Ali Afshari and many more that they would be  regimes agents. Well the regime also claims they belong to foreign spy agencies…Today the claims are that Mousavi, Karroubi, Khatami or Abdollah Nouri and many more are “the insiders opposition”. These people are so far away from the realities of todays Iran, when are you going to grow intellectually and see that you are doing the Iranian regime the biggest favour possible. Hurting the credibility of any dissent from their previous governmental ranks.

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself. – Thomas Paine

Do you think that the opposition voices from Los Angeles or Paris is hurting the regime? No, it doesn’t really..but the voices from Tehran, Qom or Isfahan does. When figures from the regime distance themselves from the leaders and oppose them or reveal its inner secrets, that hurts. Instead of encouraging current officials to distance themselves, you discourage such actions.

Welcome all regime officials, who leaves their posts or criticizes the regime. Welcome internal critics and embrace such behaviour. Fight for their voices to be heard and taken seriousness. In Iran there is impossible to critics the leaders directly, so the language has to be  indirect and in a balanced tone. When will you accept that people can change their minds, when will you welcome that you don’t have monopoly on opposition views as no leader in Iran has monopoly on power.

Iran is facing its darkest days ever if you don’t unite to fight against the most brutal repressive forces. In Iran people are embracing security forces when they manage to overrun them, the same guy that was beating them 5 min earlier. Why can’t you learn from your fellow compatriots inside the country.

Today all Iranians should support anyone that takes a stance against the regime. Support your fellow compatriots right to raise his or her views. Only then can you call yourself a democrat! Iranians are being killed and Iranians need to come in defence of their compatriots, no matter what political affiliations they have

Must See: the clip were Ali-Reza Nourizadeh answers Shahram Homayoun on Channel One

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I support the green movement. But the problem is that the current leaders of it (Mousavi, Karroubi) have not declared their desire to remove the regime. Their dream is to go back to the days of Khomeini. Now correct me if I am wrong.

Comment by winston

The Islamic Republic is a failure:
– the people of Iran knows it
– the first revolutionary leaders (Montazeri, Ganji, Sazegara, Nourizadeh, Bani Sadr) knows it
– the world knows it (Egyptian, Tunisians and all regional states)

And so does the Green Movement leaders my friend, going back to what? Days of Khomeini was war and repression, nobody wants that. But they need to choose their words and actions, remember they are in Iran. Not in a TV-Studio in LA.

The objective is a secular democratic state, but to reach that goal you need to archive results step by step. When people win the first battles, then there will be no stop to more changes. See the countries around you. I’m not a reformist, but I do beleive that reaching a free Iran goes through supporting the leaders of green movement as a first phase.

Comment by observing iran

I totally agree with you. But I have yet to see a word from Mousavi/Karoubi saying they dont want this regime any more. Why is that?

Comment by winston

Their words and their actions have had direct results. They have defied the warnings of the supreme leader, which according to the consitution has the final say in all matters. Hence, if you beleive in the consitution you shall not object to the actions of the supreme leader.

Their firm stance against the hardliners and supreme leaders policy shows that they are fighting for the desires of the people, they are standing firm on free elections. Read the https://observingiran.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/article-of-the-week-irans-democratic-manifesto/
which Mousavi and Karroubi supports.

If the goals of the green movement is reached, then it will allow political plurarism. So people like Reza Pahlavi, Jebhe Melli or Bani Sadr can also have a political platforms.

A question back to you. What if the Green Movement was crushed and the leaders would dissapear, do you think Iran would be closer to democracy then?

Comment by observing iran

Of course not. I said I totally support the green movement, my friend. I was just examining the real motives of the movement’s leadership.

Comment by Winston

There is no certainties in politics, but people need to be alert and aware. If the leaders would betray the objectives of the movement, the people would turn against them as well.

Comment by observing iran

I’d also like to draw your attention to this post I made a few days ago:

Comment by winston

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