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Nation of Exiles – Documentary about the Green Movement in Iran
April 29, 2011, 12:58 am
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Nation of Exiles from Percival Mosaedi on Vimeo.

Meeting Makhmalbaf

A time of intellectual stimulation and reflection – it was an orgasm for the brain

I was about to check in my suitcase in the airport when I thought that someone familiar is having the same difficulties as me to use the automatic computerized check in counters. It was Mohsen Makhmalbaf, for those of you who don’t know him I suggest that you look the links (EU Parliament).

Mohsen Makhmalbaf and his daughters are one of the most well known personalities in the world of cinema globally (his movie Kandahar was shown to George W. Bush to understand Afghanistan better)

mohsenMakhmalbaf has a past as a political activist and was in the same jail cell as Mehdi Karroubi and former prime minister Rajai before the revolution in 1979.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf has been appointed the official spokesman of Mir-Hossein Moussavi’s campaign abroad. We enjoyed a 3 hour conversation all the way through the flight until we had to go separate ways.

Before meeting Makhmalbaf I was gradually loosing faith a little, but I must say that after our conversation I was high on hope again.

We discussed the lack of knowledge among world leaders on Iran, the mistrust that exist among the older generation of Iranian exiles, the injection of strength that the young generation of Iranians have brought into modern Iran.

I told Mr. Makhmalbaf in detail what I work with and my perspective on the foreigners view on Iran, I believe that Makhmalbaf was a bit to optimistic in his views that they would stop all relations with Ahmadinejads government. Also to impose sanctions on themselves on their trade with Iran. But I tried to explain the realities in international relations, what the international community should realise is the benefit of a progressive Iranian government  instead of a repressive and aggressive regime.

I believe some of my messages went through to him and he said he will quote me on something I said. He believes that the leaders of Iran’s opposition are genuine democratic minded people. I believed him and from that day I stepped up my efforts to support the Green Movement as it has becomed a real opposition to a dictatorship.

Makhmalbaf repetitive times told me he is a man of art, but today he is forced due to the situation in iran to spread the message of the green movement to the world community.

He was a remarkable intellectual – I have met a lot of famous business people in the past, but few move you like this.

He complained to me that the older generation Iranian exiles accuses him for wrongdoings in the past, (such as been a torturer) accusations that hurts the man inside. He showed his scares from the revolution in 1979 to prove that he has always been fighting for the people. I never thought these stupid comments would get to a man of such character, but obviously we are all human.

Wonder if Ahmadinejad looks at the mirror and ask himself (Do I really look like a short monkey??) After millions on the street mock him for being a midget and a monkey.

Makhmalbaf also made an emphasis on that every person can make a change, if everyone contributes with something that they are in capacity of. We will have a free Iran sooner than we think. We all need to do a sacrifice, and only our own judgement knows what we can do to help

“don’t ask what your country has done for you, ask what you can do for your country!”

He recommended me to watch ‘Green Days’, directed and produced by his youngest daughter Hana Makhmalbaf. A promise yet I have to honour.